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Authentic Relating Session (Monday – W3)

What is Authentic Relating?: The practice of deepening our authenticity is the process of making our outward expressions more accurately reflect our inner-experience in the context of relationship (friend, partner, family, etc…).

One way to think of these exercises is very much like going to the gym for a workout. If you think about the weight room there are all these machines that isolate and focus on specific muscles and/or muscle groups to make them stronger. AR exercises tend to do the same thing, in terms of isolating and focusing on various capacities in an effort to make them stronger or more robust. And like some of those weight room machines, sometimes the movement (the tips offered in the recordings) can feel a bit awkward in trying to isolate those muscles. With that said, the invitation is to try them out and see how it goes for you. When we know what the boundaries of the exercise are, we have the shared context with the group to increase our opportunities to play full-out together. 

DIME Placement: Mindful + Dialogue primarily