You are invited to join any practice session. All are led by experienced facilitators who are trained in orienting both the new and the experienced practitioner.

NEW! The Vervaeke Foundation Ecology of Practices Program started April 1st! More info here.

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Events Calendar Legend

[VFEoP] denotes the Vervaeke Foundation Ecology of Practices program. Sessions are available on a monthly subscription basis, more info under VF EoP in the menu.

[Workshop] a typically 2-hour experience that serves as both an invitation to practice for the new, and a novel, creative exploration of practice for those seeking it.

[Course] denotes a deeper dive into theory, practice, or the combination.

[SEoP] denotes Starter Ecology of Practices. Even if you have been practicing for decades, please consider enriching your practice by trying a session!

Many events are free. Gated events are marked by [Patreon] and the tier of patrons. Join at

General Refund Policy

Paid events, are always refundable if cancelled or rescheduled. Any event or course once started, is always non-refundable. Please see event page/registration details for any additional policies.