Awaken to Meaning

is a place of practice.

It is a “dojo” for the cultivation of wisdom.

We gather here to engage seriously (and playfully) in an array of practices that are both modern and ancient, such as meditation, contemplation, authentic relating, and dialectic. The effectiveness of these practices is supported by strong research in cognitive science and related fields. They help to “home” us into our bodies, into our relationships, and into reality itself. They give us important skills and tools to take into our everyday lives, and help to relieve persistent feelings of anxiety, alienation, angst, and absurdity.  

We are open to all who desire to begin or deepen their practices, who earnestly attempt to grow in virtue, and who join in good faith!

Video discussing Awaken to Meaning: 

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Awaken to Meaning is a project of the nonprofit Vervaeke Foundation.  Our goal is to provide a safe, rigorous place of practice for wisdom cultivation, rooted in strong science and available to many. Practice development is overseen by John Vervaeke, and we are affiliated with the Respond Network as one of many projects attempting to address the Meaning Crisis.  Free offerings are supported through the generosity of our Patreon community.  We are not affiliated with any religion or corporation.