Courses & Training

Courses and trainings are an opportunity to deepen understanding, engage deeply with a community, and build skill in intentional and structured ways.

Current offerings:

More Wise: A two-day introduction to ecologies of practice, design principles, and experience with Dialogue, Imaginal, Mindful, and Embodiment (DIME) practices. Designed for those seeking to understand and experience practice, or who are looking to connect practice properly into a meta-curriculum. 

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A two-day workshop teaching seven wisdom practices that ladder into Dialectic-into-Dialogos virtue cultivation, set in a tight community and led by John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro, Guy Sengstock, and Korenna Reynard. Designed for all wisdom seekers.

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This inaugural 12-week intensive will explore and refine the various principles, roles and skills of Dialectic into Dialogos. This dialogue-based practice, derived from the Socratic tradition, turns the art of conversation into a more ancient way of doing philosophy – a living form of disclosure and discovery, and a path for cultivating virtue, insight and a pursuit of the Good. The course will provide extensive training in the different skills of this technique, ongoing instruction and mentorship, creative and relationship-building exercises, regular group practice, and readings from relevant philosophical traditions. 

Course leaders: Christopher Mastropietro, Taylor Barratt, and Robert Gray. John Vervaeke will also be a recurring guest instructor.

Course requirements: All are welcome. Registrants do not need to have prior knowledge in philosophy or previous experience with the practice.

Course format: The course will take place in live sessions on Zoom

Time commitment: Saturdays from 10am EST to 1pm EST [3 hours]. Course will run from September 16th to December 9th, 2023 (no session for October 21st).

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An eight-week course examining the philosophical elucidations of, and responses to, the problem of nihilism. Designed for those seeking a rich philosophical education in the meaning crisis. Four books are covered deeply by John in the course.

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